Skin Protection in Summer Sun

With summer in it's full glory all around us, it seems the sun is always lurking around the corner. But these days we hear hundreds of horror stories about the skin damage caused by the suns rays. It's true, there are many reasons to be cautious of too much time baking in unfiltered beams including; freckles, sunburn, sun spots, and even skin cancers. 

Now lets get clear, we aren't advocating a full sunshine day with no sunscreens or sunblocks! We just want to point out that there is a balance in all things and this is a perfect example.

We actually really, really love moderate amounts of sun for many reasons: 

  • helping rid bad bacteria from wounds and tissues
  • clears out skin issues such as psoriasis and acne
  • increases oxygen into blood 
  • aids the immune system in building white blood cells 
  • has an uplifting effect on mood
  • provides solid Vitamin D to the body

 The key is to be mindful of your sun exposure, but don't fear it! We recommend finding shade wherever you are adventuring, make sure to drink lots of water and stay in the lakes and pools to keep your body covered, wear natural sunscreens using oils (like red raspberry leaf and carrot seed), mix titanium dioxide into oils or lotions, throw on a shirt, and have a great time!

We highly advocate wearing sunscreen on your face every single day, no matter what the season is or how much time you'll be in the sun. The ritual of respecting the skin is a powerful one that stretches into other areas of self care in  your life as well. 

Also, check out these great natural DIY sunscreens from Wellness Mama.

Enjoy that sun! In the right amount and the right way!



Elderberry Syrup

Fall is upon us. The crisp morning air with the alluring scent of drying leaves is part of everyday. Many people experience a love/hate relationship with this time of year. Its so beautifully breathtaking and can wisp you away to a whole enchanted fairy land with one mountainous glance, but it can also mean winter is coming and plants/life/earth are entering a dormant rest.

It also means cold + flu season is upon us and it's time to boost the immune system to ward off any potential gang busters.

After gathering elderberries up Big Cottonwood Canyon in my hometown of Salt Lake City, I pull out my go-to recipe from Holistic Squid . This year I threw in a star anise and a little extra ginger and it gave the syrup a new lovely twist. And not to mention the joy that fresh, local, raw honey brings to one's life is insurmountable. There's nothing that makes you feel more humble and connected to the greater world than the work of thousands of lady honeybees working endlessly throughout their life to pollinate all our plants and offer golden HONEY : one of natures most powerful medicines. 

Elderberry syrup is a great immune booster and will help your body stay strong and fight nasty germs. It's generally considered "safe" for adults and children over 1 yr old (because it has raw honey that may contain botulism). The elderberry syrup I make for all my people each year, I tell them to take a small dropper full up to 5 times a day to keep the immune system strong. I would definitely say to take it often when you feel a cold coming on! (As always, consult your intuition and your health care provider before use.)

If you don't have access to fresh elderberries you can purchase them online from Mountain Rose Herbs or Starwest Botanicals

From Holistic Squid:

Elderberry Syrup Recipe Ingredients

  • 1 cup dried elderberries* 
  • 4 cups filtered water
  • 4 quarter-inch slices of fresh ginger
  • 2 cinnamon stick
  • 3 cloves
  • 1 cup, raw honey

Elderberry Syrup Recipe Method

  1. Add all ingredients except for the honey into a medium saucepan.
  2. Bring to a boil, and then lower heat to medium.
  3. Continue simmering for 30-45 minutes until the liquid is reduced to half.
  4. Before the liquid cools, strain it through a fine mesh strainer.
  5. Allow the liquid to cool to about 118F (to preserve the enzymes in the raw honey), and gently combine the warm reduced berry liquid with the raw honey.
  6. Store in a jar in the fridge for a few weeks. For longer storage, freeze into ice cube trays to defrost for later use.

*If you are lucky enough to have elderberries growing wild near you, go on an elderberry picking expedition so you can use fresh berries for this elderberry syrup recipe. Remove the berries from the stems, and prepare as above, using half of the filtered water.



Infuse Yourself

Infuse Yourself in fullness //

Many times I have found myself acknowledging books that evoke a tangible way of feeling. Without even knowing what the book is about I can instantly envision myself curled up in a cozy spot with the perfect cup of tea and background of stillness and stars. But why do these triggering feelings come sweeping in without caution? Was it the author? The cover of the book? The topic or genre? All of the above?

If the connection indeed did happen, and if a scent, color, design, person, or other left a valuable impression on you; is it not worth pursuing? Is it not a sign of your deepest self bubbling up from your toes saying

“Yes, I SEE ME in that thing!”.

Since I adore the process of herbal infusions, I want to take you there with me. Let's take the things where we SEE ourselves and surround ourselves more with them.

An herbal infusion is a process of giving the divine plant material a space to relax, be vulnerable, and share its own medicinal and aromatic properties. Infusions may be done in different bases and mediums, but when I mention it here, I am picturing an herbal oil infusion where plant materials are placed in a jar and covered with a natural oil and then capped. For a full solar infusion to evolve, the herbs and oil may stay this way for up to six weeks so the plant properties are infused in the oil.




1.       fill; pervade:

“her work is infused with an anger born of pain and oppression”

synonyms: fill, suffuse

2.       soak (tea, herbs, etc.) in liquid to extract the flavor or healing properties

“infuse the dried flowers in boiling water”

synonyms: steep, brew, stew, soak, immerse, marinate

                                                                                                                   from oxford dictionary

The first definition offers insight into how a person may infuse a part of her/his world from an inner state of being. We pour ourselves into our work, interests,  from the inside-out. This is relevant to the process of infusion in life, but I’m more interested in the second definition.

That’s where the magic is.

How does a person soak, steep, and marinate all the rich things of one’s own life from the outside surroundings into the inner space of truth?

If we consider our own selves as a sacred, blessed oil and the things we invite to surround us are the things we become, what are we going to put in our oil?

The time we spend with others shapes us.

The conversations we have shape us.

The way we decorate our houses and the foods we invite into our bodies shape us.

There is nothing but infinite connection happening with us and our surroundings all day and all night.

We think about being a “product of our environment”, as is said, but how can we use this to a deeper advantage and make our personal environment a product of conscious, mindful choices?

I found myself in a major life re-evaluation after I realized I was the alchemist of my own infusion. I have watched and experienced the process of oil infusion so intimately over this last few years; I knew how subtle yet how powerful the outcomes can be. I wanted to make sure the things I was consciously choosing were the things I was purposely infusing myself in. I began exploring all the areas of my life and identifying which things were my highest personal value. My list is small and simple but each of these also carry a thicker meaning:

people, earth, spirit, shares, guts

How to infuse yourself:

People: surround yourself with people who are acting, speaking, and practicing in the ways you love, agree with, and honor.

Earth: choose the hikes, the breezes, the sunrises, and the plants that make you feel the most alive.

Spirit: infuse yourself with the habits of connection to the source, power, or group of people (the ones you don’t have to explain yourself to).

Work: Let your work be a labor of love. Place yourself in an environment that aligns with your deeper vision of yourself. If that’s not possible then bring in the colors, sounds, and textures that make you more productive and comfortable in your space.

Guts: infuse your insides with the foods, drinks, and medicines that you are.  I know that if I want to be my best self I need a diverse diet that contains many vitamins and minerals so my brain and body function at the same speed as my lively spirit.

Wear that color that makes you feel the most confident and true in your skin beneath.

Don’t just read “those” books! Read the books that you consciously choose to infuse yourself with. The ones that call to you from the shelf and evoke a full scene without even opening a single page.

It’s not about doing all the things in life to fill your bucket and time, it’s about selecting the things you want to become as time passes. It’s about squeezing the YOU parts out of life.

I want to surround myself with things that make me feel like a nice July evening when the sun has just set and the moon begins to birth more radiant light. What are you infusing yourself with and what do you want to infuse yourself with?

In 6 weeks or 3 years or 60 years, the infusion will be done and it will be who you are. You will be wildly alive in the things you have surrounded yourself with; the things you have infused yourself with. Let’s make it count.



I invite you to take a minute and identify a small list of things of value in your life as they sit right now. Then I did this:

Steps to personal life infusion:

1.       Breathe. This is what brings you into the deeper place in your body, mind, and spirit. This is not news; this is just your reminder.

2.       Choose one of your things of value. For example, I first chose to work with people from my list.

3.       Ask yourself these questions about your value: What/who is in my life now? What do I want more of? What do I want less of? For example, Who are the people active in my life now? Who do I want to spend more time with who makes me feel more like my truest self? Who would it be best for me to minimize my time with (while still honoring sacred contracts)?

4.       Identify what things feel expansive in your heart and follow those.



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Bloom in you.

xo Amy


Our botanical process is pure. We carefully select high quality herbs that have strong medicinal and therapeutic plant properties. The kind of plants that people of our past used on a daily basis but that we have grown farther from as time has passed. The kind of plants that are supercharged with nutrients and energy that keeps a body, mind, and spirit in balance. 

These herbs are combined with ultra nourishing oils and set out in the light of the sun and moon to release all the lovely herbal properties into the oils. These oils become the base structure for many of our products. This means that when we make our balms, they are the powerful from the very core and additional pure ingredients only make it better. The best.

Using herbs, completely natural ingredients, and light from the sun + moon, we bring nourishment to the whole you. 


We love how herbs work in subtle yet strong ways. How BREATHE smells nice, but the feel of breathe on your chest is even more real. Your inhale becomes clearer. You take a soothing breath. You feel refreshed. You feel better.

But we are also talking about another kind of better. The kind where you know that you are using pure, non-harmful, safe products to nourish the whole you. The kind where you are active in your personal well-being and where you have a toolbox of tricks to help others feel good, too.

The kind where you are connecting to the earth, connecting to yourself, + connecting to others. 

Our botanicals are made with the intention to nourish and heal your body, mind, and spirit, as well as to honor the earth as the grand nourish-er. From our powders to our oils to our packaging, this is loving work from us to you, forever with the invitation to use these products to activate the deeper you. Bloom in you. 

Indulge yourself in a botanical blanket? Yes, please. 


We love Ayurveda. An ancient system of holistic health + wellness from India 5,000 years ago....

What's not to love?

One of the practices includes using face, ears, eyes, tongue, hands, and feet as a mini map of the entire body system. Like little mirror images of what's happening to the bigger mirror of your body. When there is pain, congestion, breakouts, inflammation, or soreness in certain areas of your body you may be experiencing a larger ailment in another connected area. 

For example, in skin mapping, if you experience congestion on your cheeks, this could be a sign that you need greater lung support or just need to BREATHE. In this method, and in this situation, practicing pranayama [yogic breath] will likely help prevent future breakouts in your cheek area. 

We love this article from Mind Body Green about Face Mapping. The rest of this page is a copy and paste of their article titled Face Mapping: What Your Skin Says About Your Health. Would you like to explore it with us? What's it going to take to get your outsides as beautiful as your insides and your insides as beautiful as your outsides?  



From Mind Body Green:

"Face mapping," an ancient practice rooted in Ayurvedic teaching, connects a point on your face to an organ or body part so you know what to treat internally for clear external results.

Here are 10 areas your face may be breaking out or experiencing an issue, and what they say about your health:

1. Forehead

Might mean: gallbladder and liver issues

According to Ayurveda, the forehead is ruled by the Vata dosha and relates to the nervous system and digestive system, meaning stress and internal stagnation are probably causing breakouts here. Try reducing the amount of processed foods and fat in your diet sure to eat less processed foods, while incorporating meditation and yoga to keep stress low.

2. Between eyebrows, right side

Might mean: repressing emotions in your liver

It’s apparent to most that deep seated anxiety would cause your lovely face to wrinkle up, but understanding the line pattern can help you understand where you might be holding stress and which of your organs may consequently be most at risk. If you have a vertical line between your eyebrows on the right side, it indicates you're repressing emotions — especially anger — in your liver. 

3. Between eyebrows, left side

Might mean: repressing emotions in the spleen

A line on the left side indicates that emotions are likely penned up in the spleen.

4. Eyes

Might mean: joint problems, intestinal issues, thyroid problems

Eyes can be particularly telling: Small irises point to joint problems and an increased whiteness in the iris can indicate that joints are in a degenerative state. A spotty iris can mean poor nutrient absorption in the intestine. If you observe a light ring around the iris, cut back on your sugar and salt intake as this indicates that you have an excess of both. A yellowish color in the eye can indicate a weak liver.

5. Below eyes

Might mean: impaired kidney function

Puffiness and swollen lower eyelids indicate impaired kidney function.Increasing water intake will help, as will measures that kindle the body’s digestive fire, such as adding more spices to your food and making sure to chew your food well. (Ayurveda recommends chewing each morsel nearly 30 times before swallowing!)

6. Cheeks

Might mean: slow metabolism, low absorption of nutrients, lung issues

Patchiness or discoloration on the cheeks can indicate poor metabolism and low absorption of nutrients, such as folic acid and iron. Additionally, cheeks are linked to lung function (think about how red your face gets during a strenuous workout that has you breathing hard), so pay attention to the quality of your breath and consider breathing exercises.

Not based in Ayurveda, but it's important to note that acne on the cheeks might be caused by a dirty cellphone and pillowcases, or a tendency to touch your face a lot. Make sure to keep your hands away from your face, and accessories and sheets clean. 

7. Nose

Might mean: blood and heart issues

Because the cheeks and nose are governed by the Pitta dosha (the fire element), it's no surprise that breakouts here indicate an internal flare up. The nose is closely related to your circulatory system, so if you find yourself breakout out there, it might indicate a blood pressure issue. Up the amounts of essential fatty acids in your diet (avocado, flax, olive oil), and avoid alcohol, coffee and spicy foods.

8. Lower lip

Might mean: intestines, digestions

Your lower lip can provide key insights into the functioning of your intestines. Browns spots can mean you may be suffering from indigestion and poor enzyme function, as well as a possibility of parasites or worms in the lower intestine. Adding more probiotics to your diet may help.

Pale lips are often the first sign of anemic onset, so increase your intake of leafy greens and other iron-rich foods. If you’re noticing a distinct bluish tinge on your lips, it may indicate poor oxygen absorption — possibly even a heart condition — and if you’re experiencing breathlessness that goes with it, you definitely want to follow up with your doctor. Finally, discoloration on the lower lip could indicate a possible disorder in the intestines, while discolorations on the edges of your lips may indicate a kidney issue.

9. Tongue

Might mean: toxin buildup, lung issues

Your tongue is the first place many internal disorders will show up, so you'll want to inspect it every day (preferably in the mornings). Circular white residue in the middle or the back of the tongue indicates a build up of toxins in the intestines or colon, meaning it might be time for a detox.

Frothiness or abrasions at the edges of your tongue indicate a possible issue with the lungs, meaning aerobic exercise and meditation are especially important for you. If you find the outer edge of your tongue looking ridged or uneven, that would indicate poor absorption of nutrients into your blood stream. This could be happening because you’re eating too many processed foods, and sometimes even due to the overuse of vitamins (counterintuitive, I know!). Focus on clean, whole foods high in vitamins, iron and folic acids.

10. Chin

Might mean: Hormonal imbalance

Your chin is most likely where hormonal imbalances and stress will make themselves known, which means you're more likely to break out there around your menstrual cycle. Reducing stress as much as possible, getting adequate sleep and exercising will help heal blemishes around this Kapha dosha-ruled area.


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