Pure + natural botanicals for you.


Hello love.

I'm glad you came!

I want to share with you bit about the birth of the biz that is near and dear to my heart. 

Root + Rise Botanicals was born before my own little girl, Bird, came to be. When I considered the kind of mom I wanted to become and the way I wanted to raise my child, I knew it needed to be as naturally as possible. I wanted her to know what peppermint leaf was, what her skin feels like when it needs moisture, and how to relax in the bath when the day has been a little weird.

And ohhhh the skin. The long, neverending journey of the skin, with all it's ups and downs.

And a new growing pregnant belly to top it all off.

There's nothing that makes you more paranoid about the chemicals and toxins on + around your body than pregnancy does. So I began exploring ways to bring pure + simple products into my everyday life so I could keep feeling good.

I wanted to find the products that I wanted to use, but I kept coming up short in my search. I knew there were divine connections between skin, relaxation, and herbs and I wanted to dive deeper.

  • As a Licensed Master Esthetician, I knew how to nourish the skin + enrich wellness for the body. 
  • As a Licensed Yoga Instructor, I knew how to create a space where someone can breathe + be in truth.
  • As a blooming herbalist, I knew herbs were easy to use + safe for most households. 

All my products are lovingly made with energy from the sun + moon as they infuse day and night. They are charged with the stars and illuminated by the sun's rays- because a body wholly accepts what a body of nature already knows. 

With these products I have found a greater connection to the living planet around me. I have tapped into the beauty of the calendula and surrendered to the depth of the turmeric root. These offerings are my invitation to you. Be free in this natural body in the most raw way possible and let the earth be what supports you when you're down.

Let's take this journey of birthing our best self together.

Bloom in you. 

Love, Amy



How does it work?

Our botanical process is pure. We carefully select high quality herbs that have strong medicinal and therapeutic plant properties. The kind of plants that our ancestors used on a daily basis but that we have grown farther from as years have passed. The kind of plants that are supercharged with nutrients and energy that keeps a body, mind, and spirit in balance. 

These herbs are combined with ultra nourishing oils and set out in the light of the sun and moon to release all the lovely herbal properties into the oils. These oils become the base structure for many of our products. This means that when we make our balms, they are the powerful from the very core and additional pure ingredients only make it better.

{   T H E  B E S T   }

Using herbs, completely natural ingredients, and light from the sun + moon, we bring nourishment to the W H O L E you. 

Root + Rise Botanicals is a small, all-natural self care line that provides a vehicle for relaxation and connection to the natural world. Root + Rise Botanicals is owned and operated by a mama, Amy Stephens, who makes botanical creations at her home in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Owner and maker, Amy Stephens, spent many years traveling outside the United States and observed methods of wellness around the world. These experiences awakened a yearning to create more natural wellness in her own life and share many tools with friends and family. Having a child has fully enlivened her desire to surround herself, and those she cares about, in a loving botanical blanket.

Photos here: Kate Osborne Photography


With entirely natural, handmade product, our end result has a long line of processes that bring it to it's full beauty. Each batch varies slightly in color and texture due to the natural herbal coloring and potency. We think this is cool, we like how it connects us to earth and helps us remember that we are not here to control these botanicals, we are here to simply let them be authentic for us. If you feel you've ended up with something different than you're looking for, let us know.


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